Conversational Forms For Gravity Forms

Change Gravity Forms Design to Modern Layouts


Gravity Conversational Form addon has a lot of features to increase form conversion

Unique and customized URL

You can create a unique and custom URL where the form will be presented in distraction free conversational mode.

Isolate forms from conflicting

The form will open in an isolated page with no website header, sidebar or footer. It will help users in filling the form without any distractions.

Live progress indicators

Custom designed progress bar is shown at the very bottom of the form so, that users can monitor the progress as they fill the fields.

Supports conditional fields

Support for conditional logic and other Gravity Forms features. The Conversational layout doesn’t interfere with built in Gravity Form functionalities.

Use tab, enter, arrow keys, scroll

Use keyboard, mouse or buttons to navigate the form. So, whatever the choice be the form navigation behaves the same.

Set new header content

Set custom logo, description for the form in conversational mode. This won’t show on other pages of the site where you have embedded the form.

Responsive Layout

Works and looks great on all screen sizes including desktops, tablets and mobiles. The fields automatically adjust according to device screen size.