A lot of the users will abandon the form the moment they see that they have a large number of fields to fill.

So, what is the better way to present the form with all fields without creating anxiety among the users?

Gravity Conversational Form is the solution you are looking for. It presents the form with one question at a time and in a nice and presentable way. Your users won’t see any of the sidebars, footers, headers of your site. It is like zen mode where the whole focus is on the form without any distractions.

This will not only increase form conversion but it will also make users feel more comfortable in filling the fields. The field labels, inputs are designed so that it is more readable and easy to fill.

Here are some of the features of Gravity Conversational Forms

  1. Landing Page: A landing page is an important part of any process because it’s the first thing potential customers see. It needs to be eye-catching and well-designed in order to make a good first impression. Gravity Conversational Forms lets you add a Landing page to your forms. Here you can add content that is relevant to what customers can expect from upcoming fields. The type of content you can add inside the conversation landing page is a title, description, and Image. There is also an option to hide the landing page if needed under any circumstance.  
  2. Description: You can set the description which will be shown beneath the logo. The description can be used to give brief information about the form.
  3. Permalink: You can set a permalink where the form will be shown. This is the url which when opened will automatically show Gravity Forms in conversational mode. You don’t have to manually create that page and add form to it. Gravity Conversational Form addon will automatically create that page on the fly.
  4. Theme: You can select from a list of themes that better suit your branding.
  5. Multiple ways to Navigate: Users can switch back and forth between form fields using a keyboard, mouse scroll and up/down buttons.
  6. Mobile-Friendly: The forms not only look nice on desktop but they also look great on tablets and mobile devices.
  7. No interference with form on other pages: Gravity Conversational Form designs the form only on permalink you set for the conversational form. It doesn’t interfere with form if it is also embedded on other pages of your site.
  8. Conditional Logic support: The built in conditional logic of Gravity Forms is supported so, your form questions can change on the fly without breaking the conversational form layout.
  9. Support for 3rd party form fields: This addon is designed keeping in mind the vast 3rd party plugins for Gravity Forms. If the 3rd party plugin is coded the way Gravity Forms