A Landing page on a website is an independent page created to carry up a specified task or campaign. It has important significance to convert your website visitors into new leads.

Unlike the home page which contains snippets of information about your business services, it follows one single goal. By creating a versatile landing page, you can generate a large number of leads. There are many types of landing pages, but in this article we are going to cover the Lead Generation page.

What is a Lead Generation Landing Page?

It is a type of landing page that uses a form to collect data from visitors. Consider you own an ecommerce website and for the upcoming festival season you will be running a big sale. You could have a button or banner on your website to highlight the upcoming sale and give the users an opportunity to sign up for it.

On clicking the button or banner you can take them to your lead generation page and collect their contact information. You can now send them reminders of the sale since you have their contact information.

It’s important that the lead generation page looks good and is not cluttered in any way else the users might get distracted and leave the form uncompleted.

Can You Create Distraction-free Lead Generation pages with Gravity Forms?

Yes, you can and it’s pretty easy to do it as well. You don’t need to write a single piece of code for this and it’s also possible to customize the design according to your needs.

Plugin required

  • Gravity Forms
  • Conversation Forms for Gravity Forms

Steps to Create Distraction Free Lead Generation pages with Gravity Forms?

  • Download and Install the required plugins on your WordPress website.
  • Go to the page under the admin menu.
  • Click on Gravity form ->Add new from WordPress dashboard.
  • Add your desired fields in Gravity forms and click on the publish button.
  • After that hover over the form settings and click on “Conversational Form”
  • Check “Enable Conversational Form Mode” Checkbox.
  • Scroll down to click on the save settings button and the landing page functionality will be activated for your form.
  • Click on the Preview link to check the live preview of the landing page.
  • You can set any permalink for your landing page under the “Permalink “ setting.

We have also written an article about the settings of the “Conversation from for Gravity Forms” plugin.