TypeForm Style forms are undeniably one of the best form styles. Gravity Forms doesn’t have a built-in theme to change it to TypeForm style forms. However, with the Gravity Conversational Form addon, it is possible to do this with a click of a button.

Here are features of the Gravity Conversational Form addon

  • Conversational Approach: Present one question at a time instead of showing the complete form to the user. This mimics the way how a real conversation happens where you only focus on one question at a time. This way the user doesn’t get intimidated after seeing a big form.
  • Logo Support: Add your product/website logo at the very beginning of the form. This way you highlight your company or product.
  • Landing Page Experience: Having too many things on a page can distract users from completing the form. With Gravity conversational addon users get to see only form fields. At the initial load of page users will see your company logo and description. Once they click on ‘Start’ button or press ‘Enter’ key then they get to see the first field of the form.
  • Choose your page Url: You get to choose the link for the Conversational Landing page. This way you can include your keywords in the url. Like if your website deals with insurance quotes then the url can be https://yoursite.com/get-insurance-quote. This is great for SEO as well.
  • Theme: No one design fits all. This is why we have multiple themes to select from. You can create your own custom theme to match the colors of your website so, that users feel at home when they visit the conversational forms landing page.
  • Easily Navigate between fields: There are multiple ways with which users can navigate between fields. They can use keyboard keys, mouse scroll or the onscreen buttons. So, whichever way they feel comfortable they can move among the fields and fill them.
  • Page Speed: Page speed is an important factor for any type for conversion. Be it forms or selling products on your site. With Gravity Conversational Form enabled you to remove all the bloat of your website from the Conversational Landing page. This page is solely dedicated to form conversions and nothing else is here.
  • Conditional Logic Support: One of the biggest advantages of Gravity Forms is its conditional logic. Its lets you show different set of questions according to user selection. Gravity Conversational forms addon has complete support for conditional logic.
  • Support for Gravity Forms addons: One of the reasons Gravity Forms is able to cater to such a large audience is because of the vast add-on ecosystem they have. This will support a maximum 3rd party and official addons since it has been created for this since its inception.

How to change Gravity Forms Styles to TypeForm Styles

    • Download and activate the Gravity Conversational addon.
    • Now go to Forms and edit the form for which you want to enable Typeform like styles.
    • Navigate to Settings -> Conversational Form. Here enable the conversation mode. By enabling conversation mode the form your existing page won’t get changed. Instead it will show only in conversational mode at the ‘Permalink’ you set here.
    • Click on Save changes. You can also click on Preview link to check how it is looking and tweak the design with the built in styler.