Gravity Conversational Forms Styler adds additional styling options to Conversational Forms for Gravity Forms. If you plan to customize the look and design of the conversational form to match the design of your theme then this is a must-have addon.

Features of Gravity Conversational Forms Styler

ColorPicker: Change the colors of the form with a color picker or use hex codes. You can change the colors of the page background, header background, header text, progress bar, input background, input border, input font, button background, button text, and input sublabel.

  • Additional Font Families: You get 50+ additional font families to apply on header and text fonts.
  • Font Size: You can assign custom font sizes to the title, sublabel, description, input, choices, and button text.
  • Spacing: You can assign separate padding values ( left, top, right, bottom ) to inputs and buttons.
  • Animations: The styler addon comes with 25+ additional animations which can be applied on inputs and buttons.

Here video with a quick overview of the styler plugin