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How to Get your License key

With the purchase of the Gravity Conversational Forms addon, you also get a license key. The license key is used to deliver future product updates. So, we highly recommend that you add your license key to the addon once you have installed it on your website. After purchasing the addon you get the license key emailed to you immediately. You can also get the license key from your ‘Gravity Conversational’ account.

Steps to Get Your License key

  • Login to your Gravity Conversational Account.
  • Click on the View Details and Downloads link.
  • Scroll down on the page and you can see your license key.

Steps to Add License key to Addon

Click on the Gravity ConversationalĀ link from your website’s dashboard menu. If this option is not showing for you then make sure the plugin is installed and activated.

Paste the license key you got in previous steps and click on the Save ChangesĀ button.



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